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Say Goodbye
to Mold

As our team cleans and removes.

Mold is very common.

Mold can be found indoors and outdoors all year round in the Northwest. That doesn’t mean you have to live with it. Our experienced technicians can clean and remove the mold, and if needed, the building component, with special tools and professional-grade anti-microbial solutions. Need help?

You can breath easy–our trained professionals are here to help you get rid of that mold.

What Does the EPA Say About
Mold Clean-Up?

The EPA says that you should approach mold clean up and remediation based on how bad the problem is.

Kanway Standards are Verified by
Regulatory Agencies

Experience The
Kanway Difference

The right touch.

You are in good hands
with Kanway

Our team is detailed oriented and well-
trained on how to approach mold clean-up.

Before we talk through what you can expect from our team when called upon, let’s start by explaining what untreated mold can do: Elevated levels of indoor mold can cause severe respiratory problems, especially to those who are allergic, have respiratory issues (such as asthma), or a health issue that has caused an immune suppression.

Our team will restore the area affected by mold.

What You Can Expect
From Our Team When
On Location


On-Site Inspection By
State-Certified Technicians


Competitive Estimate For


Identification of Environmental Factors that Caused the Mold


Clean up and Removal of Mold


Comprehensive Recommendation for Moving Forward